Celebrating Our 11th Year!

Celebrating Our 11th Year!

Celebrating Our 11th Year!Celebrating Our 11th Year!Celebrating Our 11th Year!



Equipment Dealer

Gerard's Lawn Care is equipped with state of the art commercial lawn mowers purchased from John Deer and Hustler. Our inventory consists of both small and large riders suitable for any lawn size. 

*NEW* MULCH ON DEMAND feature greatly reduces "clumpings" and helps to prevent grass clippings in mulch beds. 

Cutting Patterns

We can provide a standard cut or have a personal contract written up of specific patterns for your weekly lawn cutting. 

Residential Properties

A field supervisor will be on every job site to ensure quality and professionalism are a top priority. Our service involves making sure all residential and commercial properties are maintained with professional care.

Commercial Properties

Our employees use high quality lawn care equipment needed to provide seasonal care for our clients. To prevent any damages we encourage our clients to meet with our field managers in person to walk the property so we are clear with all expectations of our clients. 



- Ditches 

- Driveways 

-Electrical Boxes

- Fences