Celebrating Our 11th Year!

Celebrating Our 11th Year!

Celebrating Our 11th Year!Celebrating Our 11th Year!Celebrating Our 11th Year!

Bed Maintenance



Fresh mulch is the key to nice landscaping. We will get rid of weeds in flower beds either by weed kill if not close to bushes or by hand and then add an impenetrable cover before mulching.  NOTE- you still may get some weeds in Beds after mulching due to wind dispersement of seeds or bird droppings of seeds ON TOP of the cover, but it will be greatly reduced. 

Stone Installation

Stone may be more expensive, but it reduces more work in the future as long as it is done right. There may be an old layer of rocks that have to be removed or the top soil may have to be adjusted so everything is even. Stone is great look for your lawn beds, pool houses,, mailboxes., patios, decks and trees. 

Professional Care

Has it been a while since you last had your yard mulched? We will be more than happy to add a new fresh layer of top soil and remove any dead shrubs or weeds. Doing this will allow us to create a sharp looking edge.